RS232 Analyzer - Complete scope of delivery of the full kit

You get a full package...


Find the following parts in the box of a ComTrace complete package:ComTrace RS232 Analyzer - Paket

  • 1 x USB stick with program and user manual in electronic format (PDF & HTML, DE/EN)
  • 1 x Adapter cable COM-AB from PC to TESTLINE cable
  • 4 x SUB-D9/25 adapter plugs
  • 2 x TESTLINE cable (1 x for SUB-D9 and 1 x SUB-D25 connections)
  • 1 x Transport/protection bag (also fits in a notebook ;o)
  • 1 x Exsys EX-1332HMV USB 2x serial RS-232 adapter




 You can immediately start with your ComTrace RS232 analyzer after installation and configuration!