RS232 Analyser - Version 5 available

ComTrace RS232 Analyser - Version 5

Now with custom baudrates, 1.000.000 baud and higher

Get your Serial Mobile RS232/RS485/MODBUS Monitor & Recorder package for immediate measurement!

char plus Custom baudrates with new user-specific hardware profiles ( 3 included & build your own).
char plus Up to 1.000.000 baud with the accuracy and quality you can expect! Even higher setable.
char plus  Enhanced, smooth data display updates even on full line load during recording.
char plus  Enhanced statistics display showing current and complete amint of events now.
char plus  Several reported issues fixed.
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How we ensure ComTrace RS232 Analyzer quality

To get highest reliable results even under heavy conditions, we test, measure and stress our analyzer with the following configuration for data and signal loads. We also fire with full load into the software to ensure highest accuracy of timing for data and signal flow. These are not the normal situations in real life but therewith give you the best tool with the highest accuracy, reliability and quality.

ComTrace Test Environment

To test under the above described conditions we use an arbitrary function generator with self-created patterns that can be fired in single, burst and continuous mode with no delay or gaps in signal or data flow. These patterns are used to stress ComTrace RS232 Serial Analyzer with different baudrates (speed/frequency) and conditions. These data and signal streams are also monitored by a digital multi-channel oscilloscope with UART/RS232 decoder as another instance for best results and comparism.

We are proud to provide you a measurement tool far beyond a standard terminal program or similiar tools. Results are even better than some digital oscilloscopes with decoders for UART/RS232!

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